BIO NOTES 3RD LECTURE TEST 3 - (Start with Glucose) 4 ATP 2...

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LECTURE 3: CELLULAR RESPIRATION Name What is it? Extra info… Energy Used Energy Made Respiration The cells are deriving energy for their needs primarily by oxidizing complex organic compounds using catabolic pathways loosely. This is the process of respiration. ________ ________ ________ Final e- acceptor O2 for an aerobic reaction Nitrate for an anerobic reaction Organic compounds in fermentation ________ ________ ________ Glycolysis The first stage in the oxidation of glucose. Glucose (a 6C sugar) is broken down into 2 3C sugars (pryuvate) Takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell. Catalyzed by the enzyme aldolase. It is exergonic. 2 ATP
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Unformatted text preview: (Start with Glucose) 4 ATP 2 NADH (End with 2 Pryuvates) Prep. For Krebs Cycle Takes place ONLY in the presence of O2. In absence, the pryuvate is oxidized into lactic acid via fermentation. Pyruvate diffuses through the outer and inner mitochondrial membranes into the mitochondrial matrix Pryuvate goes in it is dehydrogenated and decarboxylated into Ac-CoA and NADH (Per Pryvate aka, 2 of these per glucose) Krebs Cycle Is a biochemical cycle starts with oxaloacetic acid, which is regenerated LECTURE 3: CELLULAR RESPIRATION at the end of the cycle. LECTURE 3: CELLULAR RESPIRATION...
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BIO NOTES 3RD LECTURE TEST 3 - (Start with Glucose) 4 ATP 2...

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