MKT440 - At AOL we want to target the entire college...

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At AOL we want to target the entire college organization from the students, faculty, to the professors to allow them to become more accessible. In college students are often allotted certain available office hours by professors when they can come and ask questions or get insightful feedback. Students are often deterred from utilizing these imperative office hours because the hours are often the time that they are not on campus, or the same time that they have other classes. This can become an ever ending epidemic when it comes to a group project, test preparation, or a research paper. Students are often confused on what needs to be accomplished, the necessary requirements, content, or just how to ensure a good grade. Professors often find themselves with nothing to do during these office hours that are required by the college. Many professors do not even show up to their required office hours and tell student to e-mail any questions or concerns they have with their rest, or up coming projects. Research papers, test, and group projects entail a vat majority of their grade. When time is a factor, students need all the minutes they can get. When students find themselves in a bind and need help or are just confused, they will revert to e-mailing the professor with their questions or concerns. Professors are usually good at responding to e-mails the next day or sometimes the same day. Students can not wait hours for their feedback when time is the essence. At AOL we have devised a program that allows a network connection between students and professors. This system allows students to interact with their professors at a real time response rate. If professors are required to be in their office for office hours, they should be utilizing all the time necessary. This program is similar to AIM instant messenger, with the consideration that you must have a college e-mail account and user
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name similar to that of many college portal accounts. This system will not let anyone sign up to access this instant messaging option. For many professors they do not have an AOL
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MKT440 - At AOL we want to target the entire college...

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