in depth intervies

in depth intervies - “Josh” 1.7 2.10 3. Quiznos...

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“Josh” 1.7 2.10 3. Quiznos sandwich on wheat bread with turkey and vegetables. 4. Specific meals- Friday is a better choice. 5. Tommy’s chili cheese burger. 6. 8- French Fries 7. Near the pub, or centrally located to access from anywhere. 8. 10-you want to get the correct order when you receive your food. You also want your food to be well prepared when you get it in a reasonable time. 9. Yes- But does not know why it would cost more if it is the same food. 10. D (11-7) 11. students on campus eating and doing school work or surfing the web on their computers enjoying food with their friends or just by themselves. The restaurant should be clean, authentic to name, stylish, pictures on the wall, open. a. yes (wi-fi) b. yes c. group seating “Eric” 1.7 2. 5 3. subway sandwich- 6” with turkey, mustard, on wheat bread 4. same meals 5. carls jr. western bacon cheese burger 6. not that important- Fries or apples 7. near the business building 8. 10- it creates a nice experience. 9. yes- it is a healthier way of living
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in depth intervies - “Josh” 1.7 2.10 3. Quiznos...

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