Lecture 2.12 - Lecture Liberal Theories Realism offers...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 2/12/08 Liberal Theories- Realism offers mostly dominance solutions to the collective goods problems of IR- Alternative theoretical approaches that draw mostly on the reciprocity or identity principles are called liberal theories- These approaches are generally more optimistic than realism about the prospects for peace The Waning of War- In recent years, a strong trend toward fewer wars has become evident o For the world as a whole, the current period is one of the least warlike ever, with fewer and smaller wars than in the past o World wars killed tens of millions and left whole continents in ruin o Cold-War – proxy wars killed millions and the world feared a nuclear war that could have wiped out our species o Iraq and Sudan and wars like these kill hundreds of thousands We fear terrorist attacks, but we do not fear that life on the planet will be destoyed- Events in the post-Cold War era continue this long-term trend toward smaller wars- Today’s most serious conflicts consist mainly of skirmishing rather than all-out battles- In 2006, wars in Darfur (Sudan), Iraq, and Afghanistand all woresened, a brief Israli… Kant and Peace- What explains this positive trend towards peace?- Kant gave 3 answers over 200 Years ago o 1. States could develop the organizations and rules to facilitate cooperation, specifically by forming a world federation resembling today’s United Nations (reciprocity) o 2. Peace depends on the internal character of governments specifically that republics, with a legislative branch that can hold the monarch in check, will be more peaceful than autocrats (identity principle)...
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Lecture 2.12 - Lecture Liberal Theories Realism offers...

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