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history 12408-1 - History 124-010 CC Spring 2008 T-R...

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History 124-010 CC Spring 2008 T-R 2:00-3:15 Bobet Hall 332 Syllabus Dr. Mark Fernandez Office: Bobet Hall 424 Office Hours: T & R: 8:30- 9:30 MW 11:30-12:30 and by appointment Office Phone: 865-2566 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND GOALS: This course will survey the history of World Civilization from 1650. The main goals of the course are to introduce students to the main issues and themes of World Civilization, to have them examine their own values in light of this introduction, and to provide a rudimentary introduction into the basic aspects of historical analysis, research, and writing. REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to attend and to participate in class and to complete all required reading and writing assignments and exams. Every student MUST familiarize themselves with Blackboard. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: This course will continue to meet online in the case of an emergency. If an evacuation of the metro New Orleans area is ordered, students MUST consult the blackboard site within 72 hours of evacuation. Additional assignments will be posted in the "Discussion Board" section of the blackboard site. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Students are required to attend all classes. I will allow three unexcused absences. Upon the third absence ten points (one letter grade) will be deducted from the student’s final grade with an additional ten point deduction for each further absence. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Students who are
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habitually late will be informed by me as such after which time their late arrivals will be counted as absences. If you have an extraordinary reason for missing class, you must notify me in advance of the absence (or after in cases of emergency) and have supporting material, e. g., doctor's notes, etc. SPECIAL NEEDS: If you have special needs related to physical or learning disabilities, please make arrangements through the Academic Resource Center .
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