Arts & Society Paper #2

Arts & Society Paper #2 - My favorite memories of...

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My favorite memories of my home place are of growing up in a neighborhood with lots of friends nearby. I would guess there were at least 15 kids living within two blocks of my home place. We always were outside playing. Very seldom would we be inside someone’s home. When we were out of school for the summer we always played baseball at an open lot nearby. A normal day would consist of meeting at our home made baseball field around 9am. We would choose up teams and play ball until lunch time. I would go home and have lunch with my dad at 11:30. He was always in a hurry since he only had a half hour to be back at work. After lunch we would choose teams and play until dinner. We normally ate around 5:00. After dinner, we would return and play again until dark. Since basketball and football seasons were during school time, we gathered after school at Eric McGee’s driveway for basketball or at Mark Shipman house for football. As with baseball we chose teams and played until dark. Sometimes, we turned on outside lights so we could play longer. We didn’t just play sports, we also did other things. We had a wooded area behind our house with a swamp full of snakes, fish, frogs, and other critters. We spent hours catching any of the above and taking them home. Usually, Mom made me take whatever it was back and let it go. We also had another wooded area just north of our block with a railroad running through it. We liked to play army there. We would divide up and then hide from each other. The object then was to sneak up on the others and shoot them before they could shoot you. Sometimes we would use high powered squirt guns. I also remember events at home with my family. We always celebrated holidays with a great dinner. Mom always had turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, and noodles on Thanksgiving. Mom’s noodles were the best. I sure do miss those. At Easter and Christmas, she substituted ham for the turkey. On New Years day we would have sauerkraut and pork spare ribs. Eating sauerkraut on New Years Day was considered to bring good luck. Christmas was my favorite holiday. We usually had a real Christmas tree in our living room. When I was younger, Mom and Dad would wait until Christmas Eve to put our presents under the tree. I couldn’t wait to open presents. I remember being the younger of two boys in our family. My brother, Dick, is ten years
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Arts & Society Paper #2 - My favorite memories of...

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