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Exam 1 with answers - Spring 2008 Exam I PSY/LIN U466...

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Spring 2008: Exam I – PSY/LIN U466 Cognition Name:_______________________ Multiple Choice (1 point each) Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Please use capital letters (A, B, etc.) on the line to indicate your choice. ____ 1. The belief that most of our abilities and tendencies are with us from birth is known as a. nativism b. empiricism c. associationism d. introspection e. behaviorism ____ 2. Which of the following is true regarding Watson's behaviorism? a. It is sometimes regarded as a branch of structuralism. b. It relies heavily on the technique of introspection. c. It rejected references to unobservable mental states such as consciousness. d. It never really gained popularity in the United States. e. It had a large positive impact on the development of mentalism in cognitive psychology. ____ 3. Which of the following was instrumental in producing the "cognitive revolution"? a. the development of human factors engineering b. Noam Chomsky's work in the field of linguistics c. the development of computers and artificial intelligence d. George Miller’s work on working memory e. all of the above ____ 4. The developing field of neuroscience has been important to cognitive psychology because: a. It has provided experimental rigor to a field that is otherwise entirely observational. b. It has been the inspiration for new models of cognition called neural network or connectionist models. c. It demonstrated that behaviorism cannot provide the answers about how the mind works. d. It has provided techniques for studying what parts of the brain are active during cognitive processes e. b and d only ____ 5. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is a view that best describes a. behaviorism b. Galton’s approach c. Gestalt psychology d. Chomsky e. genetic epistemology ____ 6. When asked to do a visual search of the array below E I M V W X X M Z W V I V I E X W M W V X Q I E a. People take equal amounts of time to find the Q or the Z. b. People take longer to find the Q than to find the Z. c. People are often unable to find the letter Q at all. d. People take longer to find the Z than to find the Q. e. Time spent finding any given letter varies randomly.
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____ 7. Researchers attach lightbulbs to the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles of a model wearing black clothing. In a dark room, with only the lightbulbs visible, a. viewers will recognize the unmoving model as human. b. viewers will recognize a moving model as human, but can't tell what the model is doing. c. viewers will recognize what a moving model is doing. d. viewers will recognize the gender of a moving model. e. both (c) and (d) ____ 8. Structures within the ____ are the oldest in terms of evolution, and are the first to develop. a. hindbrain
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Exam 1 with answers - Spring 2008 Exam I PSY/LIN U466...

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