Emma - "Emma Emma It's almost 7:25 You know we need to be...

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“Emma, Emma! It’s almost 7:25. You know we need to be at science at 8am and it is an eleven-minute walk from here. It’s quite chilly outside too. Remember to wear a sweater. We should probably go to breakfast too. You know, a healthy meal in the morning is the best thing for a growing teenage girl,” rattled Emma’s roommate, Kiera. Emma turned in her bed as Kiera pulled up the window shades. Her pink, ribboned bedspread draped over her body as she lifted herself up. Sitting upright, she asked Kiera, “Remember when Georgi used to bring us apples and bananas from the dining hall every morning? I miss that.” Georgina Weston had been their prefect the previous year at Choate. She had inspired them to become prefects themselves. Georgina now attends Yale University in New Haven, which is merely a twenty-minute train ride from Choate, but the two girls knew senior year would be hard to get through without her. “Georgina was the best. I have no idea what we’re going to do without her. I wish she could stay at Choate just one more year as a post-graduate. I really do think that would
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Emma - "Emma Emma It's almost 7:25 You know we need to be...

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