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Ghost lecture - communicate and be a medium for spirits We...

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Longwood Event: Lorraine Warren, Ghost Lecturer Philip Kada The Longwood event that I chose to attend was “Stories about Ghost Hunting” sponsored by Lancer Productions. The lecture was about a woman named Lorraine Warren who teamed up with her recently departed husband Edward Warren to study demonology. Mrs. Warren was assisted in the lecture by her son-in-law who was a “psychic expert”. Lorraine referred to her and her husband as demonologist and devout Roman Catholics. The two of them have researched demonology and supernatural occurrences for forty years. She claimed to be a psychic and clairvoyant that had E.S.P. or extra sensory perception. We were shown videos of people they had helped “rid” spirits and ghost for. She said that her and her husband had assisted over a thousand people to
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Unformatted text preview: communicate and be a medium for spirits. We were shown pictures of supernatural occurrences and most pictures had hidden faces in the backgrounds. For a grand finale Mrs. Warren showed a video of an exorcism of a farmer named Maurice who was abused as a child. The farmer spoke in Latin and was bleeding out of his mouth and eyes. I personally found most of the material they presented to be bogus and could be easily fabricated except the exorcism. I believe that Mrs. Lorraine Warren is a firm believer in what she calls spirits and demons but I can’t believe demonology. In the future I would not be interested enough to attend the lecture so I would not recommend Lancer Productions host it again....
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