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art tour assignment

art tour assignment - top seemed to portray the shape of a...

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Art Tour Assignment Philip Kada 9-17-07 The sculpture “The Golden Mirror” was a very confusing piece to me and my group at first. It was a rusty steel which gave off a brown dull color which once person said was “depressing”. The art described as a totem looked about twelve feet tall and had nice straight and contoured lines to build its body. Analyzing the piece from bottom to
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Unformatted text preview: top seemed to portray the shape of a human body to me. It was symmetrical with separate parts which looked like legs, a torso, and finally a head on top. The artist Tripp Jarvis of North Carolina views his art as a temple or a vessel of his thoughts. I believe that if you look at the temple’s vast size you too will question what is important to yourself....
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