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english study guide

english study guide - Deductive works from general to...

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Describe Compare Analyze Associate Apply Argue Formal Definition- a statement of the general class of things to which the word belongs Thesis- an explicit statement that summarizes the writer’s main point Topic Sentence- spells out the main idea of a paragraph in the body of the essay Comma Splice- two main clauses joined with only one comma Inductive- works from the particular to general, from evidence to generalization
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Unformatted text preview: Deductive- works from general to particular, from generalization to evidence Chronological- what happens first, second and next, until the end Two ways to compare and contrast are subject by subject and point by point “Write 5, Throw away 4” Division- “to force a sunder or separate” Classification- to sort out into groups, elements, isolates similarities...
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