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Description#1 - School St Field Philip Kada It is early way too early The pack of seasoned runners make their way up the steep incline they

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School St. Field Philip Kada It is early, way too early. The pack of seasoned runners make their way up the steep incline, they encounter treacherous potholes and feel the burn of their tight calves contracting to push up the hill. This group of men started in the center of campus having almost completed their warm up past the grand library and the newly renovated female residential halls. They are now approaching the School Street Field, a desolate grass awning covered in thick Bermuda crabgrass and on each end contains a standard field goal. What sticks out most is the stone bench sitting on a concrete slab on the corner of the field. There is a bronze plaque imbedded in the back which says “Dedicated to Farmville High School, Which once stood here”. The runners now disrobe their shirts and tie their shoes, preparing themselves for what was dubbed the day before, “A shitty workout”. It is now around 6:30 am and the sun is beginning to rise and the rooster is starting its song. Coach begins to describe to them what
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