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After reading the chapter - The whole issue of separate but...

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Daryl Davis: Klandestine Relationships Philip Kada After reading the chapter “Reverse Discrimination at a Black Institution” I was appalled by how hypocritical the police and producers of the show were to Mr. Davis and Roger Kelly. I believe that these men were most definitely discriminating against Mr. Kelly. As I began to read this chapter I was happy to read that the show was nice enough to let the Grand Dragon sit and understand of their own views but the show soon lost all respect I had for it. The way the police officers kept trying to make up absurd excuses just to keep him out was purely discrimination. The officers said that he was at risk of being injured if a scene erupted is just how white people discriminated blacks in schools.
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Unformatted text preview: The whole issue of separate but equal came up when they offered to sit Mr. Kelly in a separate room to view the show is exactly how schools and public facilities were separated. To make Roger sit in that isolated room with the TV set is just like making blacks sit on the back of buses, blacks not getting the same protection under the law, and blacks having to be treated with no respect. This is called discrimination. It is obvious that there was not “equal protection” because Davis and Kelly both had the same intentions, to watch the show peacefully and recognize the views of its producers, but Roger Kelly was not allowed to simply because he was white....
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