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running classification

running classification - Ready Set Go Back in the age of...

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Ready, Set, Go!? Back in the age of the Hunter-Gatherer, man all around the world would follow his prey then chase it in the midday till the animal was too exhausted to flee. Humans were meant to run and after decades of civilization and modernization, running has become a competition and a pastime. The first kind of running originated in the Olympics of 775 B.C. as a competition staged in a stadium. Athletes would race each other in varying distances as well as jumping competition to find who was stronger and faster. The sport evolved into what we call Track and Field. Typically races are run on a 400 meter track with distances from the 100 meter dash to the 10,000 meter run along with hurdling and the steeple chase race. Another popular type of running is the sport of Cross Country. Developed in England in the 19 th Century it is a sort of long distance running competition. The arena of competition ranges from dirt, gravel, grass, mud, and water crossings. The races are 4000 meters extending to 10,000 meters for the collegiate level. Teams consist of seven lead
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