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Waiting ch. 4-10 - with Yang and their personalities...

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Waiting Analysis Philip Kada “Despite being annoyed by his unrestrained way of talking, Lin was somehow fond of this man, who was so different from anyone he knew, straightforward and carefree. What is more, Geng Yang seemed to always speak his mind. As they got to know each other better, Lin began to reveal to him his predicament- he had tried to divorce his wife, but hadn’t succeeded. He was eager to seek advice from him, because apparently Geng Yang was a man full of certainty and capable of decisive action, a real go-getter.” p. 165 This quote sums up about what happens in the six chapters. Lin is hospitalized with a retiring army officer that is recovering from tuberculosis. Lin becomes friends
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Unformatted text preview: with Yang and their personalities compliment each others. They soon discover that Yang once had a relationship with Manna and begin to talk about Lin and Manna’s relationship. The straightforward Yang proposes to Lin that he pay off his brother in law to convince his wife to finally divorce. A question of how he is going to afford execute this payoff plagues Lin and Manna. As the story continues the man capable of decisive action take the ultimate action, raping Manna when he was drunk. Obviously this action throws a huge problem in the relationship between Manna and Lin....
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