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Walmart and social class

Walmart and social class - down side to this reduction in...

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Wal-mart and Social Class Philip Kada 1. Social Class is a level in which a person gains in society, high supposedly being the best and described by Weber the three main elements are wealth, power, and prestige. To obtain a higher social class a person can have high levels of any of the factors but more of each means higher class. These factors are most commonly high income, good quality education, and a superior occupation. 2. The average hourly wage for Wal-Mart associates is $9.64 3. I would say that the majority of associates of Wal-Mart are of lower class status because of below average wages. The associates are strongly discouraged from unionizing and Wal-Mart is determined by their practices to keep their workforce under control. 4. The arguments that were given were that Wal-Mart is able to provide consumer products at a lower price so “buyers have more money in their pockets”. The
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Unformatted text preview: down side to this reduction in price is that many products are now outsourced to china, putting people in the USA out of business as well as retailers in America not being able to compete with Wal-Mart’s “Always Low prices” 5. What they meant by was how Wal-Mart’s owners are constantly trying to cut production cost so they keep ditching more American manufacturers and switching to cheap wage Chinese laborers which is hurting the American economy, but Wal-Mart denies that view. 6. Practices that Wal-Mart does are they do anything to prevent union uprisings. At any symptom of unionizing, management is sent from Wal-Mart headquarters to “control” the situation. 7. Something I learned new about Wal-Mart is that a lot of the name brand televisions that they sell under the names Phillips and RCA are in turn a Chinese company called TCL....
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