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waiting pt.2 ch.1-3

waiting pt.2 ch.1-3 - “Waiting” Part 2 Chapter 1-3...

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Unformatted text preview: “Waiting” Part 2 Chapter 1-3 Philip Kada “Manna wrote to Liang Meng the next week, saying that she didn’t feel well these days and had to inform him candidly that she suffered from serious rheumatic heart disease. This misinformation must have scared the man. After her letter, Lin never heard from his cousin again.” P.119 In the first two chapter that I read, Lin’s cousin Liang Meng whose wife died two years prior is in search of a woman to wed. Liang asks for a woman of intelligence preferably a doctor or nurse since Lin works in a hospital. Knowing he has slim chance divorcing his wife Lin proposes to Manna that she meet his cousin which he hasn’t seen for 25 years to consider joining this man. She studies the letter in which Liang wrote to Lin to make a decision then finally agrees to a meeting. In the Second chapter Liang makes his way to Muji and rendezvous with Lin in order to get to know Manna. The three of them stroll through the hospital talking and getting to know each other better. know Manna....
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