Hickey Ch. 5

Hickey Ch. 5 - Chapter Five: The Male Serial Murderer 1)...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Five: The Male Serial Murderer 1) What are some of the general characteristics of male serial killers? Include relevant statistics where available.  Typical guys Working class jobs, hanging out in bars, owning business, pastors, predators surfing net[Hickey 2006:133] Hitchhikers, transients also  victims from any setting Inside & outside locales Usually die more violently than case w/typical murder  Charles Starkweather: shooting people, was, I guess, a kind of a thrill. It brought out something [Hickey 2006:133]  Edmund Kemper I just wondered how it would be to shoot grandma [Hichkey 2006:133]  Public fascination with them Extreme dark side of human nature Extremely dangerous So little research understanding of motives, lives, and personalities Similarities as strong as differences  Some have sex with victim before death/some after  Some collect trophies/some do not  Victims include men, women, children, elderly, prostitutes, transients, etc.  Inc in SK after WWII Pace rapidly pickeD up in 1960s & 1970 More media attention nationally Law enf focus on SK inc during 1980s 1990s saw integration of training on SK into law enf workshops Universities created courses  1800-2004, 96% SK started skilling after 1900 1900-1924 5% SK appeared 1925-1949, 7% appeared 1950-1974, 34% appeared 1975-2004, 50% appeared Time period 1975-2000 saw most prevalent time for id of SK 2000-2004 SK emergence not as much May be due to overall dec in viol crime SK not as high as mass murder  SK provide raw material for movies, news, book plots  Rise in SK past 30 yrs belief in rise of new type of criminal predator Crim 220, Spring 2008, Homicide Dr. Kelley 1 Prev under-reporting of such homicide Self-fulfilling prophecy Inconsistency in defining the phen Medias proliferation of splatter and snuff movies Porn depicting viol . . . Belief that changes in economy connected to surges of viol beh Fem belief that SK is extreme form of male domination of women based on patriarchy [Hickey 2006:134] 2) What are the existing myths and corresponding realities about serial killers?  Nearly all white 1 in 5 black  All male 17% female  Insane 2%-4% legally insane  All lust killers Many are, but several cases have no sexual assaults, torture or sexual mutilations  Kill dozens Few have high body counts but most kill < 10  Kill alone About 1 in 4 have 1 or more partners  Victims are beaten, stabbed, strangled, or tortured to death...
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Hickey Ch. 5 - Chapter Five: The Male Serial Murderer 1)...

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