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Homicide Victimization Philip Kada 1. Sex Males have a substantially higher chance to be victimized than females In 1980 and 1993 there were peaks in the murder victimization for males but females tend to have a steady victimization rate Race Blacks have up to four times the probability to be victimized than whites Black victimization has drastically cut in half since 1975 Age 18-24 has the highest chance of being victimized but after 1990 Young adults have the highest chance of being murdered Summary There was a high peak of murder in 1993 A black male between the ages of 18-24 have very high chances of being murdered
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Race • Race is related to community and some communities may be more dangerous than others resulting in more crime • Race is also gang related and there is more homicide as a result of gang affiliations Sex • Males tend to be more violent and commit more murders • Females are typically make men do killing for them Age • It is odd to find someone that wants to murder a child or an elderly person • Many gang members are between the ages 18-24 Summary • Murder should try to be suppressed in inner city projects • Young adults should be targeted in the school system to teach to despise gangs...
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