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Legalize Marijuana? In the year 2005 there were 16,885 alcohol related deaths on the road as well as 100,000 alcohol related deaths alone. Alcohol is legal for persons above the age 21 but marijuana or “weed” is illegal even though it is apparent that it is less hazardous and dangerous to its user. In the poem Seeds and Stems may break my bank but buds will never kill me the author plays on how he thinks weed is safe and should be allowed to be consumed legally and is a right to smoke. Within the U.S. every hour a teenager is killed by a drunk driver, yet alcohol is still legal but there are less statistics on “stoned” drivers killing anyone. Both substances give the user an enjoyable high that causes the brain to function differently than normal. Weed can cause a user to have slow reaction, increased hunger, and some memory loss but the effects on health are not grim, often when a person overdoses they just pass out. If an alcohol user overdoses it is considered alcohol poisoning and the user can succumb to a coma and die.
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Unformatted text preview: Marijuana is safer in a number of ways yet it is still illegal and alcohol is not. Today there are many consumers of Marijuana and since it is illegal there must be a network of criminals to distribute the drug to its users causing a burden on law enforcement. Back in the day of prohibition, alcohol was even more of a dilemma because it created gangsters and crime that is avoidable because it shouldve been a choice of the user. The same applies to marijuana today; our jails are filled with people selling and using marijuana yet it is not a violent crime or a crime against another person. Marijuana although viewed as a gateway drug could or could not be, it is all on a persons outlook. It is a way to relieve stress and can be used medicinally for health but most of all it is a right to citizens to use whatever substance they wish as long as they do it responsibly....
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