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Par With Pops Philip Kada 9-27-07 It was an early summer day of ‘98, my father took my brother and I to the local sporting goods store to buy a set of golf clubs for each of us. Due to the lack of selection for boys of my height I was limited to the Stinger Junior set consisting of the “titanium composite” driver, two irons, and a putter along with a walking bag. None of that mattered because we had a tee time for the three of us so my dad could teach me how to play the game of golf. This game like most others has unknown origins but has come to be one of the greatest games ever played. My father was a greens assistant at Washington Golf and Country Club, and I had grown up with him leaving early in the morning for work and coming home smelling like grass and it was hard for me to grasp why he had to go to work at five in the morning. Our trio would tee off at noon when the sun shined high above beating down on us with no moderation. Slice after slice my father would correct me with principles and rules of how to
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Unformatted text preview: swing, put and choose from the different clubs. The game is played by recording the number of strokes it takes to place the ball in the hole or cup from the tee. He was meticulous with how to position my body, “knees bent, spread, this is not like a baseball swing”. Hole after hole he taught me about how the course should be played, playing to the fairway is the key to maximize swing distance. By the time we reached the halfway mark of the round at hole 10 I had it down, I was so focused on every aspect of the game. I had my own form and I was taking every stroke in stride improving with every shot. That was when my father told me that cliché “Practice makes perfect”. I still take that to truth today. As soon as I turned fourteen I got my work permit and started on the course and have cherished the game since, often going out with family, friends, or sometimes by myself because I know that I can always do something that I love, thanks to dad....
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