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For a video game description to be accurate as a review, it is important to include elements such as graphics (appearance), interface (or controls) and the actual gameplay itself, including difficulty, perspective, genre and plot. Firstly, appearance is one of the first elements noticed by anyone playing the game. In modern games, especially those that are most recently introduced, a big emphasis is placed on the quality of the appearance, the intense detail of the graphics and the life-likeness of what is shown on the screen. No matter what the characters, whether they be fictional or real, animals, humans or robots, a large emphasis is always placed on how the game looks to the player. In addition, some games place little emphasis on the appearance, such as in older games that did not have the luxury of enhanced graphics, so on either end of the spectrum, appearance is important. Another important element of gameplay is the interface, or the way the players control their character(s) through the game. This can vary from console to console, whether it be the
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