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DIET FAD PROJECT - David Evans Fad Diet Project South Beach...

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David Evans Fad Diet Project South Beach Diet a) Determine and describe the modes of treatment and/or methods used to bring about weight loss. What nutrient modifications are suggested? a) The South Beach Diet has three phases and suggests implementing regular exercise to increase metabolism and maintain weight. The diet calls for increasing intake of monounsaturated fats and decreasing other fats as well as carbohydrate intake. b) Are the people involved with these programs knowledgeable? What credentials do they have? b) Arthur Agatston, MD, is credited with the development of the South Beach Diet. He is a cardiologist who earned his MD at New York University School of Medicine . c) What is the cost of the program? c) While there are a number of services, meal plans, packaged foods, and books that can be used, the dietary information is generally open to the public and any variation in cost will likely be due to different food choices.
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