Lucas and Sherry, Sex Differences in Video Game Play

79 eg i find it very rewarding to get to the next

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Unformatted text preview: deo game uses and gratifications: competition ( = .86; e.g., "It is important to me to be the fastest and most skilled person playing the game"); challenge ( = .79; e.g., "I find it very rewarding to get to the next level"); social interaction ( = .81; e.g., "My friends and I use video games as a reason to get together"); diversion ( = .89; e.g., "I play video games instead of other things I should be doing"); fantasy ( = .88; e.g., "I play video games because they let me do things I can't do in real life"); and arousal ( = .85; e.g., "I find that playing video games raises my level of adrenaline"). Respondents reported the amount of time they spent playing video games during a typical week. To facilitate autobiographical memory (Menon, 1994), 512 Downloaded from at CORNELL UNIV LIBRARY on January 2, 2009 Lucas, Sherry Sex Differences in Video Game Play respondents completed a grid that divided each day of the week into fo...
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