Lucas and Sherry, Sex Differences in Video Game Play

Consequently hypothesis 7 young men will be more

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Unformatted text preview: s and lower efficacy. Based on this research, we predict that female players will feel less sense of control than male players will when they compete against peers. Consequently Hypothesis 7: Young men will be more motivated by competition than young women will. Hypothesis 8: Young women will be more motivated by challenge than by competition. 510 Downloaded from at CORNELL UNIV LIBRARY on January 2, 2009 Lucas, Sherry Sex Differences in Video Game Play Method Data were collected from 593 college students. Surveys were distributed at two midwestern, public universities to broaden the representation of young adults. One was a large, Ph.D.-granting university whose student population lives predominantly on campus and that has strong programs in engineering and science. The other was a midsized, regional university with a large commuter population and strong programs in education, nursing, art, and vocational training geared primarily to associate and bachelor degree programs. Participants were recruited...
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