Lucas and Sherry, Sex Differences in Video Game Play

Much of the research has focused on effects of video

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Unformatted text preview: Carbone, Chen, & Munn, 1996). Much of the research has focused on effects of video games, particularly in regard to aggression and arousal levels (for meta-analyses, see Anderson & Bushman, 2001; Sherry, 500 Downloaded from at CORNELL UNIV LIBRARY on January 2, 2009 Lucas, Sherry Sex Differences in Video Game Play 2001). Other major areas of concern include addiction, skill development, health consequences, and learning. These perspectives certainly have generated valuable information and insight into the phenomenon of video game playing. Although it has not produced nearly as much scholarship in this area as the discipline of psychology, the communication discipline is uniquely positioned to offer new insight that can further our collective understanding of video game playing in general, and gender differences in particular. The bulk of video game research that has emerged from the communication discipline has taken a mass communication perspective, examining video game play as a form of mediated communication, similar to the stu...
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