Lucas and Sherry, Sex Differences in Video Game Play

G deciding how the plot will unfold the speed at

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Unformatted text preview: ained that much of the fascination with video games can be attributed to the ability of players to control the game in terms of outcomes (e.g., deciding how the plot will unfold), the speed at which the game progresses, and mastery of the game or mastery of other players. Grodal further argued that video games are a tool for emotional control, whereby desired arousal levels can be maintained through playing. As such, video games are enjoyed the most when the level and speed of the game match players' respective optimal mental and motor capacity. Based on Grodal's work, male and female motivation for control would predict Hypothesis 3: Young men and young women will be highly motivated to play video games by challenge (which is defined as the ability to beat or control the game). Individual Differences: Neural Sex Differences Not all players possess equal mental and motor capacity. Therefore, what is optimally challenging for one player may be either too tedious or too overwhelming for another player. Thus, video games offer...
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