Lucas and Sherry, Sex Differences in Video Game Play

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Unformatted text preview: rength and direction across 504 Downloaded from at CORNELL UNIV LIBRARY on January 2, 2009 Lucas, Sherry Sex Differences in Video Game Play people. Furthermore, people's individual orientations toward each of these needs (deficient, excessive, or ideal, to use Schutz's terms) can be used to predict people's interpersonal behaviors. Because of its emphasis on interaction among group members, FIRO has been most frequently researched in the areas of family and group relationships. One area of interest has been the dynamics of at-risk families (Allen, Calsyn, & Fehrenbach, 1989; Parr, 2000; Subotnik & Petrik, 1991; Warren & Lanning, 1992). For example, in a longitudinal study of primary caregivers in at-risk families, Parr (2000) found significant relationships between FIRO domains and a variety of family function indicators. The theory has also been used to understand family dynamics that lead to child criminal behavior and family substance abuse. Ford and Linney (1995) found that juvenile child moleste...
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