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Vandello, et al., Precarious Manhood

Vandello, et al., Precarious Manhood - surveys he did on...

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This article focuses on gender differences in a different manner. Gender is written and described as an extension of the male or female characteristics, known as “manhood” or “womanhood.” However, unlike womanhood, manhood is something that is not necessarily granted automatically. In some cultures, it is only given after performing or experiencing a certain rite of passage, such as a test. In addition, manhood is something that can be easily lost if not taken care of or protected. One study done by Vandello and others suggested that college kids believe this same societal paradigm that manhood is a very real aspect. In addition, another study suggested that manhood was an “impermanent” (1329) and “tenuous” (1330) state. In addition, the participants in the study, a group of 200+ college students believed that manhood was more easily justified and understood than womanhood. Focusing in on the manhood section of the article (Vandello goes on to discuss different
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Unformatted text preview: surveys he did on womanhood), in not only video games, but also all forms of media, the subject of “manhood” is constantly referenced. In the TV show Scrubs , one of the surgeons, Turk, is constantly ridiculed for being very protective of his manhood. I believe that it is all part of the male stigma to hold onto something that for the opposite sex, is rarely threatened. Manhood is more than just a definition, it is something men hold onto as pride and social standing, something that can put them above another male. And in referencing video games, that is a reason I believe that the video game society and culture is dominated by males. Video games are all about competition, whether they are your peers or just a computer simulation. No matter what the game, no matter how docile or fierce, bloody or nice, male or female oriented, it is a competition....
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