Lecture IV 1-24-08 - 1-24-08 Lecture IVScientific...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-24-08 Lecture IVScientific RevolutionInto “Closed the World” vs. “infinite universe”Newtons UniverseDeismAlchemyNicolaus CopernicusGalileo Galilei Dialogue on the Two Chief-1632Systems of the WorldPROSTANT REFORMATIONMartin LutherEarly Life and DoctrineImplicationsIndulgences95 ThesesPope Leo XCharles VNew Religion A New MovementLutheranismTheologySplinteringEvents that make Luthers attempt successfulPrinting Press-Johann GutenbergPolitical Agenda and RamificationsPeace of AugsburgEnlightment“philosophes”Denis Diderot EncylopediaJohn Locke, Thoughts on Education. This is altering Europeans perception of the world they and we live in. This closed world of the medieval time will be taken by the Infinite universe that use scientific to prove things that gods didn’t will stuff. New scientist are looking past earth. That Creation was infinite, and that their was Gravity, and that there are scientific laws behind what people previously thought was GODS doings.Newton discovers Gravity, and that it can be defined mathematically. And that is how plants stay in orbit around the SUN. Was that god was not the one overlooking everything, only that he BUILT it stepped back and let it tick by its self. Many of these guys believe in a religion called Deismo yDeism-Still believe in GOD but usually will reject miracles, Divine intervention. Believe that GOD is standoffish....
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Lecture IV 1-24-08 - 1-24-08 Lecture IVScientific...

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