The Ottomans1 - George Castriot ← b. Skender beg...

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24/03/2008 09:27:00 The Ottomans   A.   Background   i.   Abbasid   ii.   Seljuqs, Rum Seljuqs   B.   Mongols   i.   Ertoghrul   ii.   1280/1 Osman, Osmanli dynasty   C.   Osman (1280/1-1324)   D.   Orhan (1324-1360)   i.   1354 Gallipoli   E.   Murat I (1360-1389)   i.   Sultan   ii.   Balkans: Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia   iii.   June 20, 1389 Battle of Kossovo Polye   F.   Bayazid I (1389-1402)   i.   1394 vassals   ii.   Macedonia, Greece, Romania   iii.   1396 Battle of Nicopolis   G.   Timur Lenk   i.   Timur the Lame, Tamerlane.   ii.   1402 Battle of Ankara   H.   Chaos, 1402-1413   I.   Mehmet I (1413-1421)   J.   Murat II (1421-1451)   i.   Salonika  
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ii.   yani cheri - Janissaries   iii.   Devshirme   iv.   Mothers: Greek, Georgian, Russian, Polish.   v.   Harem , hareem   vi.   Jan Hunyadi (Hung)   vii.   Albania a.
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Unformatted text preview: George Castriot ← b. Skender beg (Alexander-bey) ← K. Mehmet II (1451-1481) ← i. Draconian law of fratricide ← ii. May 29, 1453 Constantinople ← iii. Mehmet Fatih ← iv. Millet system ← v. Stanbul, the capital ← L. Bayazid II (1481-1512) ← M. Selim I The Grim (1512-1520) ← i. Mamluk Empire ← ii. Safavid Kingdom ← N. Suleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566) ← i. Habsburg-Spanish-Austrian ← ii. Hungary ← iii. Vienna, Austria ← O. Ottoman Empire survives until World War I. Then it is divided up by the British ← and French and many of the modern-day countries of the Middle East are created....
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The Ottomans1 - George Castriot ← b. Skender beg...

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