08 - LECTURE on 14th 19th I did not come MAKE UP WHEN it...

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LECTURE on 14 th 19 th I did not come MAKE UP WHEN it comes time for test!!!! (AMERICAN REVOLUTION)-conservative revolution. LECTURE I 2/21/08 The Great Revolution in the West Part Deux The French Revolution Origins Louis XIV- Last of the Strong Kings. 1643-1715. Reign was Frances Grand century of rule. Versailles-Built it and almost bankrupt the state while doing it. Louis 1683- onwards resided there. Built it for political purposes, and wanted to keep his court close to him and he required his court to stay close and keep up rooms at Versailles which is really expensive to keep up that life style. SUNKING Next two are pretty weak. Louis XV-1715-1774-Play Boy king, many ways didn’t want to be a king, didn’t govern most of 1700’s timid and shy, indecisive. Louis XVI-1774-1791-French people like him, but he was indecisive. Gets chubby as he gets older. Heavily influenced by his cabinet. Marie Antoinette- Austrian Princess, throughout the revolution she was portrayed at EASY. She really likes spending money. She was escorted to the balls and events because Louis XVI did not like going to these events. Financial problems-France will be in serious financial problems, the American Revolution is taking a toile on the France economy. They had a Bad tax system in France, the RICH and CLERGY were the largest landholder didn’t pay taxes. ¾ of France was tax exempt. France throughout the whole war, borrows money
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08 - LECTURE on 14th 19th I did not come MAKE UP WHEN it...

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