Lecture II 1-17-08 - Lecture II-Pangaea...

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1/17/08 Lecture II -Pangaea reunited -Plant—maize, peaches, potato’s, horses and pigs -Pueblo Revolt -Diseases—Smallpox, the tale of Saynday The Dutch East India Company  Rise of the United Provinces Calvinists The Eighty Years War Philip II Angled bastion Trade and Disorder United East India Company “raad” - Pangaea the super continent was once again reunited, and bringing plants and animals back to other places. were pulling them back together because they were found again. - Maize (Indian corn), became a major stable object in the European diet. You can make whiskey; it became a cash crop a currency in the Americas. They used it for a medicine.
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- Peaches were brought over from Europe, especially in Georgia. They became so wide spread, and the Indians thought that they have been there for a long time. Native Americans practiced a slash and burn practice of agriculture, and when the soil petered out they left, which led to areas where peach trees could survive - Potato was brought from Americas to Europe, which revolutionized the diets of many Europeans. Potato famine hit the Prussians and the Irish very hard. Very filling can be grown in great numbers. Make bread, vodka, and fries, mash them. Led to growing families because no the families can now feed more children. - Horses existed in the Americas before the Europeans came over, but they were weak and untrained, and were extent. Horses lead to the military success over the Natives. A Few horses gotten away from the Spanish. - 1680 the natives in Mexico would temp. force the Spaniards out of Mexico so they turned their horses loose so they wouldn’t go into natives hands. So the Horse began thrive on the open plains. Horse began to compete with the Buffalo and Thrived. -
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Lecture II 1-17-08 - Lecture II-Pangaea...

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