V - V. The Roman Republic A. The Emergence of Rome i....

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V. The Roman Republic A. The Emergence of Rome i. Geography: a. Islands: Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily b. Plain of Latium c. Tiber River ii. The Etruscans - Etruria iii. Early Rome B. The Roman Republic (c. 509 -264 BCE) i. The Roman State a. Political Institutions 1. consuls 2. praetor 3. proconsuls & propraetors 4. dictator 5. Quaestors 6. Aediles 7. Censors 8. Senate 9. Centuriate Assembly b. Social Organization 1. paterfamilias 2. c. The Struggle of the Orders 1. Council of the Plebs 2. 287 BC - Hortensian law 3. nobiles ii. The Roman Conquest of Italy a. 264 BC b. Latin = citizen C. Roman Conquest of the Mediterranean (264-133 BCE) i. Carthage a. Phoenicians, Tyre b. 2 judges, elected 1 year c. Elected generals ii. Struggle with Carthage a. First Punic War (264-241 BCE) 1. Punicus = Phoenician b. Hannibal (221) and the Second Punic War (218-202 BCE) 1. Saguntum- In Modern day spain, set of what happens next, because it made an alliance with ROME and they began to revolt. Carthange beings to try to take it over, so this give ROME reason to attack. And Carthage knows that they want to fight the Romans in Italy. 2. Alps
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3. 30,000-40,000 men 4. 5. Trebia River Where the battle was, Hannibal was successful bc, the Celts in France begin to fight with them because they hated the ROMANS 6. Scipio Guy in charge, by 206 BC he had pushed the Carthangians out of Spain, and he decided to take the battle to Carthage. 7. Battle of Zama 202 BC Scipo defeats the Carthagians and Hannibal and this is the end of the Second Punic War. Carthage Lost Spain, and agreed to pay money to ROME, and cartage would not go to war with out permission from ROME, and Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily would become ROMAN. c. Destruction of Carthage - 1. Cato – would always say after this speeches and saying I HOPE CARTHAGE would just be destroyed. Rome declares war on carthage again because they broke the treaty and went to war. And this new provience was called AFRICA. 2. Africa iii. Eastern Mediterranean a. Macedonia- 148 BC was taken over by ROME , Greece, Pergamum (133) - given to the ROMANS. b. The Nature of Roman Imperialism They were building an Imperial state, but they were not intending it to happen. (?) A lot of the early roman empire was not intentional, it just so happened to fall in their LAPS. “They only attacked for defensive reasons or because their Friends were attacked) Slavery is happening, and people are making a lot of $ off of the war(s) D. Society and Culture in the Roman Republic i. Greek Culture –impacted a lot of the roman culture, and a lot of greeks travel to ROME, and spread their culture. And the ones in the Hellenistic region, send culture and arts sent to ROME, and if you were rich in ROME you would be taught in GREECE ii. Roman Religion eventually combined the two religions from GREECE and ROMAN, they were the same thing except they had different names. a.
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V - V. The Roman Republic A. The Emergence of Rome i....

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