VI - VI. The Roman Empire A. The Age of Augustus (31 BCE -...

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VI. The Roman Empire A. The Age of Augustus (31 BCE - 14 CE) i. Intro a. 50 million people b. Augustus “the revered one” 21BC c. princeps - first among equals, principate ii. The New Order –people start voting bc, it didn’t matter. iii. The Army –kept order in the country side, but it was a means to move up and make something of your self. a. Army 1. Frontiers, order 2. Soldiers = Roman Citizens 3. 20 years 4. Standing army 28 legions @ 5,400 men each (150,000) 5. Auxiliary forces 130,000 ! non-citizens, 24 years later you and your family become citizens. ! given citizenship 6. imperator b. The Praetorian Guard –elite group of 9000 troops to guard Princeps. 1. 9,000 guarded the princeps which was the leader. 2. Roman Citizens from Italy 3. 16 years iv. Roman Provinces and Frontiers a. Frontier Policy 1. client-states 2. Spain, Alps, Balkans -places he conqured. 3. Germany- then he goes to germany to conquer, but they were defeated. v. Augustan Society - a. Senators(must be rich to be a senator), Equestrians, lower classes b. The Social Order ! Unskilled Laborer 3 sesterces/day or about 1100/year ! Legion (base) 900/year ! Senator Own property worth 1 million ! Equestrians Own property worth 400,000 2. Senate 1,000 -> 600 c. Augustus’ Reforms –council of plebians loose most of its power, so the lower classes loose power in government. 1. Restored priesthood 2. Temples to Julius Caesar so people begin to look at ceasar as a god. And temples to the state, they worship the state its self. 3. Imperial cult 4. Corrupted morals Divorse rate was low, and children level was low. And then he set out a limit of how much $ could be spent on a party. Changes the tax codes, so if your have less than 3 kids you get penalized.
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vi. A Golden Age of Latin Literature a. Virgil –famous poet from this time period. 1. The Aenid - about agustus. And how his history goes back to troy, and linking rome to greek history. b. Horace – wrote about geed, sex, and ect. 1. Wrote about vices c. Ovid 1. Metamorphoses –series of mythological tales. 2. The Art of Love – hand book that tought you got to seduce women. d. Livy – Historian that wrote a book about the founding of rome to -9 BC that filled 142 books. Thought that people determined the fate of history. 1.
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VI - VI. The Roman Empire A. The Age of Augustus (31 BCE -...

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