XI - XI The Late Middle Ages Crisis and Disintegration in...

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XI. The Late Middle Ages: Crisis and Disintegration in the 14 th Century (1300’s) A. A Time of Troubles: Black Death and Social Crisis i. Famine and Population a. “little ice age” 1315,1317 b. 1300AD max population, moving from country, to city. c. 10% population dies from famine. ii. The Black Death a. Introduction devastating. 1. Mid 14 th century 2. Bubonic Plague , bacteris. 3. Yersinia pestis- lived in feas, carried by rats. 4. buboes – when lymphnodes that swell. In arms, and groin. 5. 50-60% killes who catch it. 6. Pneumonic Plague - air borne version. Sever coughing. b. Spread of the Plague 1. 7 th century it dissapers, but the Mongols spread it in china, and then traders spread it west. 2. 1346 - Black Sea, Caffa has the black plague, 3. October 1347 Sicily gets it, and from their followed the trade routes. 4. Italian cities 50-60% because they were trade cities. 5. France 30-40% 6. Germany 40,000 areas where people lived, that vanished. 7. 1347 - 1351, 25-50% -pop decrease. 8. 20 to 40 million dead. 9. 1361-1362, 1369 - other big outbreaks. 10. Cycles until 1500 AD on a 5-12 year cycle. c. Life and Death: Reactions to the Plague - people go on drinking binges, and orgies, and some go to church because it’s a punishment from god, and was sent by satin. 1. Flagellants - ones who became popular, Christian groups and went around hitting them selves with whips. Showing their trying to get got to forgive them for sins. Some blamed Jews for the plague, 2. 1348, Germany 3. October 1349, pope condimmened them. 4. 1351, 60 Jewish communities were wiped out. and slot of jews were fleeing to Poland and Russia. 5. Strasbourg massacre burned several thousands at steak, and KIDS were forcefully baptized. Jews money was taken. “ if the jews were poor, and the nobles, of the city didn’t owe them money this massacre would have never happened.” iii. Economic Dislocation and Social Upheaval a. Introduction- population decrease. 1. 3 estates: men of war, men of prayer, men of labor
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b. Noble Landlords and Peasants 1. Labor shortage, so people get paid more money. Don’t have to produce as much food, because there are not many people, and prices for food fall. Not making any money selling crop. 2.
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XI - XI The Late Middle Ages Crisis and Disintegration in...

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