VIII - VIII European Civilization in the Early Middle...

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VIII. European Civilization in the Early Middle Ages (750 - 1000 CE) A. Europeans and the Environment i. Farming soil was hard to plow, hard to cut down trees, ii. The Climate changes around 700AD because before that it was COLD for a few hundred years before that. ( for every 5 graves 1 were babys, 3 were for KIDS and 1 was under 20) B. The World of the Carolingians i. Start of the Carolingians a. Frankish Kingdoms b. Charles Martel, major domus Running the 3 frankish kingdoms. Died in 1741 c. Pepin made him self king and was approved from POPE from rome. 741-768 ii. Charlemagne Pepins son. and the Carolingian Empire (768 - 814) - a. Charlemagne 1. Charles the Great, Carolus magnus b. Expansion of the Carolingian Empire 1. 8,000 men in Frankish army.- 54 military campaigns mostly infantry and little Calvary 2. 773-Lombards and made his son king of Italy. , Saxons- fought them till 804 and made them convert to Christians. ,defeated the Bavarians too. c. Governing the Empire went taxes yet, so the king was dependent on his estates to keep him going strong. 1. Counts- Men who represented the KING. Who were members of Nobility. And Mharlemange wanted to take power from them. So he moved them around from Area to area. And It became an office that you had to be appointed too. 2. missi dominici - “messengers of the lord king” - who kept notes on the counts. ! 1 lord (noble), 1 church official - went around to counts and checked up on the counts. Not a great form of government, only Charlemange kept the country together. Made changes to the church, and restored the hierarchy of the church.
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VIII - VIII European Civilization in the Early Middle...

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