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Lecture V 1-29-08 - Lecture V John Locke Thoughts on...

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Lecture V 1/29/08 John Locke, Thoughts on Education. Jean-Jawues Rousseau Social Contract. The Confessions. Boom in Printed Media Salon The Middle Ground:European Colonialism in the New world Native American The Major ways historians assess them. Native Americans as a nuisance. Complex Interaction European Portuguese Colonize Brazil. Advancements City Social Stratiication-class Fidalgos Noblesse oblige The Jesuits Before Portugese Native Peoples Ritualized Warfare Colonization Africans in Brazil Sugar Plantations-engenhos Bringing the Civilizations Togeather Blending-food, religion-Candomble Brazilian Carnival. John Locke , guided but not bullying the children. The more the children are out in the natural air, the stronger and better they will be. OPEN AIR, SLEEP, no tight clothes, wooden rods were the worse thing to use in education. Children should be able to be a child. His use on authority on father and son, people took what he said and took it to the state. And the king should treat his citizens like locke said, allowing his people to be treated all those ways. Locke will advocate breast feeding, then the queen and other high women began to feed their children and not let others feed the baby. It was a step to get people back into nature, it was a more natural perspective. Jean 1712 june- 1778 july. SOCIAL CONTRACT.Most important political works in the 18 th century in the French language. Or in the whole world. Laid down democracy, that
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human beings left to their own devices are inherently good. Government should be based
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