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NOTES FROM LAST SLIDES (FRANCE): Thursday, February 12, 2008 Vote on EU Constitution: In May 2005, French voters rejected a proposed EU constitution in a national referendum. Vote was reflection of deeper economic debates: Between those favoring protectionist (trade barriers to protect local (free-trade & globalized) policies. Between those who support France’s traditional dirigiste (state-directed & centrally-planned) economic model & those who see it is unsustainable in
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Unformatted text preview: the context of European integration. In February 2008, Sarkozys government decided to avoid the uncertainty of another referendum, and simply passed a modified version of the EU constitution in Parliament Polish Plumber During the referendum campaign, the phrase Polish plumber came to represent the fears of anti-EU forces that waves of cheap immigrant labor from Eastern Europe would flood into France if the Constitution was approved....
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