FRANCE3 - 1/12/08 FRANCE Sub-National Government +Different...

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1/12/08 FRANCE Sub-National Government +Different between unitary and federal systems is degree of autonomy/power held by these subnational units. -Federal: subnational govts ‘share’ sovereignty with national govt. -Uniary: subnational units act as mere administrative branches of national govt. no autonomy. PROBLEMS WITH UNITARY SYSTEMS 1.Regional Discontent/Fragmentation : Geographically distinct ethnic, linguistic or cultural minorities may fell unrepresented and oppressed CENTER =Country’s political capital PERIPHERY =Regions/cities outside the centers of power’ 2. Policy ‘Paralysis’ : since central govts. Must apply policies uniformly across entire country, often reluctant to try something new since failure would have national impact. 3. Apathy or Alienation : citizens may come to view central govt. as remote and unaccountable; people either stop participating (quit voting) or turn to protest/violence. Frances Electoral System: Single-Member District Runoff. -Single-Seat Districts -Two Rounds (Ex.Two Separate elections, one week apart) -First Round features multiple candidates from MULTIPLE parties on SAME ballot -Candidates who receive majority (>50%) win seat outright and no second round held for that seat -First Round victory is rare, about 85% of races go to second round. -ANY candidate who gets at least 12.5% in 1
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FRANCE3 - 1/12/08 FRANCE Sub-National Government +Different...

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