Germany 3 - Germany 3 2/26/08 Coalition Parties FREE...

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Germany 3 2/26/08 Coalition Parties FREE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (FDP) -Center/center right, but has formed coalition governments with both major parties. GREENS -LEFT, postmaterialist ideology (focus more on non-economic or ‘quality’ of life issues, like social justice, environment, etc LEFT PARTY -Far left; former East Germany communists plus SPD defectors. Minor NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NPD): -far right, anti-immigrant. LEFT CENTER RIGHT LEFT GREENS SPD FDP CDU/CSU NPD PARTY 2005 Elections -After heavy losses in a state election, the sitting Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) who was governing in coalition with the GREENS, used an obscure constitutional maneuver to force an early election. (gambling his party and future) -The opposition CDU/CSU has a 20% lead in early polls and was widely expected to win and form a new government with the FDP. -Over the course of the two month campaign, though, that early lead collapsed, setting the stage for a chaotic outcome. CDU/CSU- 226 seats and 36.8 % of seats and 35.2% SPD- 222 seats and 36.2% of seats and 34.2% Aftermath -The virtual tie between the two major parties led to competing claims by Merkel and Schroeder over who should be allowed to form the new government -As it turned out, the ‘ideological math’ meant that forming a traditional (or even non-traditional) coalition government proved impossible. The refusal of both major parties to form a coalition including the left party and
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Germany 3 - Germany 3 2/26/08 Coalition Parties FREE...

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