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-1Joby Martin POLS 150 2/13/08 Women Building Peace: What They Do and Why It Matters , by Saram Naraghi Anderlini, is a comprehensive, cross-regional analysis of women's role in war and their reaction to it, specifically in peace building initiatives around the world. The book traces the evolution of international policies in this arena and highlights the endemic problems that stunt progress. Anderlini’s astute analysis, based on extensive research and field experience, demonstrates how gender sensitivity can be a component in the complex task of building sustainable peace. One thing becomes abundantly clear in reading Ms. Anderlini's masterpiece of a book: women have a perspective on war that is unique from their male counterparts. While not always stated overtly by Ms. Anderlini, this unique perspective arises in part from their traditional roles in the home and in society. Dating back to the hunter gatherer era, women have primarily been caretakers. Men, on the other hand, have been more apt to perform more violent acts like hunting and intertribal warfare. In many respects, women have always been largely pacifist. The same cannot be said of most men. One of the reasons why many women may be reluctant to support nationalistic war is the realization that they are the most vulnerable to the displacement arising from war. One of the reasons why women are more vulnerable to the brutalities of war is simple biology. Like it or not, it is a biological fact that women are less able to defend
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themselves physically, especially in the large number of societies where they are not permitted to carry weapons. Realizing that women are less able to defend themselves,
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women & war - Joby Martin POLS 150 WOMEN WAR Women...

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