fear - FEARFUL HEARTS FEARFUL MINDS War Fear and the...

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-1FEARFUL HEARTS, FEARFUL MINDS War, Fear, and the Collapse of Rationality In the film Hearts and Minds , there is a common but unspoken theme in nearly single word spoken: fear. Fear is what drove us to kill three million Vietnamese citizens. Fear of the Japanese sealed the locks on cell doors in the internment camps. Fear of Nazism propelled the ships toward Normandy. Fear of minorities drove Whites to the suburbs, and built the fences around their gated communities. Fear of terrorism now has in at war in two Middle Eastern countries and considering war with two more. Fear causes us to see enemies even when they actually don't exist; those who are different than us become like the boogeyman or monsters under our collective bed. Randolph Bourne once famously said that "War is the health of the State." I would have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Bourne. Fear is the health of the State, and its preferred tool. The reason why governments (all of them, this is certainly not limited to the U.S.) invest so heavily in propaganda is because it promotes fear and nationalism, which in turn encourages, even demands, subordination and complacency. We, the American public, are that much more willing to forfeit civil liberties when faced with some perceived threat. We place unjustifiable amounts of trust in the heads of State, while dismissing and demonizing dissenters, allowing the persecution of the 'unpatriotic.' Fear was in every bullet fired in Vietnam, every bomb dropped, every life lost, every dollar spent. The domino theory itself is a product of fear. Sputnik caused
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fear - FEARFUL HEARTS FEARFUL MINDS War Fear and the...

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