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Group Communication - Morgan Grindall SPCH2 12/12/06 GROUP...

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Morgan Grindall SPCH2 12/12/06 GROUP COMMUNICATION: Dynamics, Roles, and Ultimate Goals The members of our group worked very well together, out of sheer force of will. We all had genuinely good intentions to make positive contributions to the group’s dynamics, at least initially. But good intentions can only be relied upon so much before collapsing. People personalities, positive and negative, as well as other external factors often stood in the way of our group accomplishing its ultimate goal. That being said, I feel we were still successful in accomplishing that goal. Each member played a unique role within the group. In all honesty, and I hope you appreciate my candor, I got off to a late start on this project. The roles were very much determined by the time I started making major contributions. At first, I was pegged as a weak link, without question- I am sure the essays of my fellow group members will support that. But, by the time this project commences, I fell confident in saying that I dashed that image, becoming an appreciated and respected group member by semester’s end. I did so by making a genuine effort to contribute to the group’s goal and procedure. Despite this, my group members had difficulty accepting that my determination to play a critical role within the group, many of them seemed quite content
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with me portrayed as the dumb girl who didn’t care enough. Even when I tried to engage my fellow group members, I was often still not included- the deserter had become the deserted. Even when I was included, they did not trust me enough to allocate important tasks to my charge. Even those that were left to me were expected to turn out badly. They did not. However, in hindsight, I was the one who had misbehaved, not them. Sure, I felt
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Group Communication - Morgan Grindall SPCH2 12/12/06 GROUP...

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