Writer's Block

Writer's Block - Writer's block is a very palpable...

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Writer's block is a very palpable phenomena. It is something that all of us have experienced, in one way or another. However the cause of writer's block, or block in general, is different from one person to another. Similarly, the manner in which one deals with writer's block also varies. For instance, I usually tend to be unaffected by writer’s block for the most part. The times in which I do have trouble putting words on paper are usually the times when I'm making an attempt to complete an assignment well before it is due. When deadline is swiftly approaching, as it is now, then words seem to fall effortlessly from my fingers. However when I am working in advance, that is when I usually struggle the most. There are several reasons for that, some of which I have diagnosed myself. Keep in mind, I am certified 100% ADD, without question. Whatever chemical or endorphin that clicks in your brain- adrenaline of sorts, I guess- that is where I find motivation. I need a deadline. Forced writing, for me, is the easiest type of writing, regardless of topic. I think some of that may stem from the fact that I'm good at it, and feel comfortable doing it; exactly what will make me a viable journalist. Furthermore, I’ve also identified that I'm better at it than most people. Someone may be
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Writer's Block - Writer's block is a very palpable...

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