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Dr. CMK - Dr Charlie Mae Knight has gone toe-to-toe with...

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Dr. Charlie Mae Knight has gone toe-to-toe with American racism, and lived to tell about it. Throughout her 74 years, she has collaborated with nearly every high-profile leader in the Black community, including Coretta Scott King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Nikki Giovani, Toni Morrison, and Maya Angelou. And while age has limited the physical capacity necessary to fuel the fiery and confrontational activism which made her infamous, it has not clouded her awareness of social injustice. Dr. Knight is still preaching, even if her audience has all but disappeared. "The mistreatment continues," she says. "They don't wear hoods and burn crosses no more, but there are other ways to hang folk." Racism has persisted in American society, she says, albeit in a more subtle form. When asked why the momentum generated by the civil rights movement-- in which she played a direct role-- didn't ultimately lead to the end of racial prejudice, Dr. Knight blames a familiar foe: the media.
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