LaMarque Edits - Joby, solid. If I were going to peddle it,...

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Joby, solid . If I were going to peddle it, I would, however, include how much membership in Garden costs (including a range of plans) and how much he charges for the personal training. And I realize that you would have that information, and moreover that it would logically go as some type of sidebar. I see this as a perfect profile for Iron Man or Flex or Muscle and Fitness . Matt Lamarque’s physical strength is undeniable. In 2005, LaMarque bench-pressed 801.2 pounds, roughly the weight of two silverback gorillas. The lift set a world record in the 242-pound weight class that still stands. Today he’s the top-ranked power lifter in the 220-pound class, according to the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters, Bench America, and Power Lifting USA. But Lamarque also has a very strong business acumen. The 31-year-old just marked his first year as owner of Garden Health and Fitness Center, with locations in Monterey and Carmel. He’s whipped the out-of- shape facilities into peak physical condition, replacing outdated equipment and remodeling fitness areas and locker rooms. People are taking notice. “Before, the place was a total dump,” says Mike Lipscomb of Carmel, a member at Garden for over 20 years. “Now, they’ve got new everything -- brand new equipment, totally remodeled locker rooms, fancy-pants saunas and steam rooms. It's like a completely different gym.” Despite his considerable progress, Lamarque insists the job’s not finished. “I want to have the best equipped, classiest gym in the area, the kind of place where your jaw just hangs open the second you walk
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LaMarque Edits - Joby, solid. If I were going to peddle it,...

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