Article Critique - Joby Martin Kin163 09/10/2007 At first...

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Joby Martin Kin163 09/10/2007 At first glance, J. Taylor's "Impact of a Supervised Strength and Aerobic Training Program . .. on Individuals with Type-2 Diabetes," seems as if it were a well-designed and properly conducted study. In fact, Taylor's methodology, while imperfect, is far from being fatally flawed. Where Taylor commits his greatest mistakes is in the analysis portion of this article, which almost completely ignores fundamental aspects of the study's purpose. Taylor does come across some interesting findings, however he provides little or no explanation for them. There are two main phases to this study: a six week training program, followed by a six week period where the subjects have been removed from any kind of physical conditioning. Taylor observes his subjects before and after the training period, and once again after the six week follow-up period.' In his introduction, he demonstrates the purpose and, perhaps more important, the relevance of the study. He also claims that while previous research has been conducted into the link muscular and aerobic capacity and Type-2 diabetes, his is the first to add in the 'follow-up period' in order to examine to what extent muscular and aerobic capacities decline in individuals with Type-2 diabetes. His hypothesis hardly puts him out on a limb: "a research hypothesis of this study
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Article Critique - Joby Martin Kin163 09/10/2007 At first...

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