World's Biggest Problem

World's Biggest Problem - Here's an understatement the...

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Here’s an understatement: the world has problems. It’s difficult to single out just one, and say “that is the biggest problem, the one that if we fixed would make the others work themselves out. At the risk of sounding vague, I think there is one basic human characteristic that has much more influence over every other smaller, more specific problem. The biggest problem in the world today? To quote Bob Marley: me say War… everywhere is War. Not any one war in particular, and not just in the traditional sense of two nations battling each other with armies of trained soldiers. I’m talking about War, that dark alley of basic human nature and behavior, whatever it is that makes one human being want to kill another human being, and willing to do so. That thing which keeps constant conflict between nations, races, religions, genders… people. Every murder is War, just on a more personal level. War basically started when Cain killed Abel, how many thousands years ago. War is Hitler’s Jews, Cortes’ Aztecs, America’s Black Man. It was in the Crusades, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Today, there is constant warfare, all over the world. Much of it is about religion,
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World's Biggest Problem - Here's an understatement the...

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