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-1Joby Martin Kin163 Research Analysis 11/17/07 "Influence of supplementary vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids on the anti-social behaviour of adult young prisoners," B. Gesch, S. Hammond, S. Hampson, A. Eves, M. Crowder. 2002. British Journal of Psychiatry: 181, 22^28. It is no secret that a healthy diet is beneficial. We have long associated the gains brought from good nutrition with physical benefit-- promoting physical fitness, preventing certain diseases, etc. But only in recent decades have scholars shifted their focus to the psychological effects of nutrition. This study, performed by renowned professors at some of England's most prestigious academic institutions, represents a major step forward in the pursuit of understanding the link between diet and the mind, and the number of times which it has been cited subsequently is a testament to its fundamental significance. While minor flaws do exist in some respects, they are not egregious to substantially denigrate what is truly a ground-breaking study. But first things first. In addition to the traditional abstract, the article begins with a brief, one-sentence synopsis of all the major components of research studies. This approach is more effective than the abstract alone. Instead of attempting to cram the important aspects of a complex study into a single paragraph summary, the abstract is instead supplemented (pun intended) by succinct statements which identify and address even relatively minor details like the source of the funding. The study aims to determine if a causal relationship between anti-social behavior and nutrition can be empirically measured and established. More specifically, it seeks to examine whether anti-social behavior among a prison population can be reduced by adequate intake of nutrients. Their objective is worthy: most previous scholarship in
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Mood Food Critique - Joby Martin Kin163 Research Analysis...

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